Mission Statement

Leverage the power of watches to address hunger, education, and medicine

Transparency is key

We believe spent contributions should be accounted for in this non-profit and that’s exactly why we pledge to share our financials for every effort. You, our loyal patrons, will have 100% transparency into how our funds are utilized and for what efforts. When you donate to Watches for Good, you should have a sense of pride and comfort that there’s accountability and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Watches for Good hopes to help combat hunger worldwide as every human life is equally important regardless of race, religion, gender, or geographic location; we are here to serve the world.

COVID has disrupted food supply chains in the some of the world’s largest producing markets, namely India. According to the 2020 Global Hunger Index, India ranks 94/107 measured across undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting, and child mortality. Countries in Africa, like Chad, have taken the top spot as COVID continues to hammer out global food chain.


Every child deserves the right to an education which is why we’re committed to volunteering and providing schools across the world with the proper resources they need. We believe this support can come in various forms: supplemental tutoring, assistance with technology in purchasing laptops, school supplies, and more.

Medical aid

Through the guidance of medical experts on our Board of Advisors, we seek to help provide medical supplies and aid to people in abject poverty-stricken areas and where people need help the most.